A quick affair.

It's free for anyone to take a photo on Lightbooth, and photos are sent directly to the phone.

Take it easy

Even late into the night, Lightbooth remains a user-friendly experience. It's suprising to watch how hundreds or even thousands of pictures can be taken in just one day.

Addictive and fun

People of all ages like to take photos together, not just the young generation.

A local experience

Lightbooth works in English and the local language of your venue.

How to use Lightbooth
  1. Enter your phone number on the screen
  2. Take one or more photos
  3. The photos will be sent to your phone.

Once the photos are on the phone, they are easy to share. Read more about photo sharing.

Get started with Lightbooth from only DKK 2.499 per month.

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