Subscription Agreement

concerning long-term rental of the Lightbooth Photo Booth


The Lightbooth photo booth (the “Product”) can be used by the Customer’s guests (the “End User”) to take photographs, which the End User can download to their mobile telephone.

The Product works by the End User entering their mobile telephone number. Lightbooth will take photos and send a link where the End User can view and download the photo after accepting the General Terms of Use. The current version can always be found on the Lightbooth web site at In accordance with the Danish Marketing Practices Act, the End User can at any time de-register.

Mobile telephone numbers are stored in a database by Lightbooth. The Customer may have the possibility of sending marketing text messages to the numbers stored in the database, depending on the chosen subscription level. These phone numbers are managed in accordance with data legislation in force, and are never shared with any third parties or the Customer. Marketing messages are subject to additional fees per message.

The Customer is solely responsible for any use of the feature, including the wording of messages or lawfulness of the content. Lightbooth will provide an “opt-out” feature enabling End Users to unsubcribe from further messages.

The Customer has access to Lightbooth Manager which contains statistics, photo previews, and other features depending on the chosen subscription level. The photos can contain graphical watermarks, which can be set up in Lightbooth Manager.

In addition to this, Lightbooth Manager contains a support function. Support is also available by email on

Commencement and subscription term

The Agreement takes effect when the Lightbooth device is first connected to the internet, or at most 14 days after delivery has completed.

The Agreement remains in force until it is terminated by one of the Parties at a written notice of 3 months to expire at the end of a calendar month.

Delivery and Installation

Lightbooth will be shipped by a carrier such as GLS, DHL, or TNT. When placing an order, Lightbooth will advise on the estimated delivery day.

The device is installed by the customer at the venue. Lightbooth will advise the Customer on the best on-site location of the Product and gives instructions on the use.


When this Agreement is commenced and the order is placed, the Customer pays a set-up fee shown on the web page when placing the order.

The monthly subscription depends on the chosen subscription plan, and the price is shown when placing the order. Prices may only change after at least 3 months written notice.

The subscription plan can be upgraded at any time. The subscription plan can be downgraded effective the next calendar month, provided that a notice has been given by the Customer at least 7 days before the end of the ongoing month.

Damage and defects

If the Lightbooth device is faulty as a result of manufacturing defect, it will be replaced at no charge to the Customer. Lightbooth will pay for shipping of the replacement unit, whereas the Customer shall return the defective unit at their own charge.

If the Lightbooth device is damaged as a result of improper care or due to vandalism, a replacement fee will be charged. This fee is shown in the price list.


The Product remains owned by Lightbooth and must be returned upon termination of the Agreement in the state and condition it was received apart from wear and tear.

Lightbooth retains all rights to the Product. The Customer cannot take any action that infringes these rights, including, but not limited to, the logo and the software.

The Lightbooth must be returned at within 1 month after termination of the agreement, otherwise a lost device fee may be charged. This fee is shown in the price list. The Customer must cover the shipping expenses for returning the device.


The Agreement is governed by Danish law. Disputes that cannot be solved through negotiation fall within the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts. Any such disputes regarding this agreement are to be handled by the The Maritime and Commercial High Court in Copenhagen, Denmark.