When Lightbooth arrives in its box,
you're only minutes away from automated online promotion – and lots of fun.

Installs like a painting

Just four screws are used to mount Lightbooth on a wall. Anyone who can put up a painting will be able to install a Lightbooth.

A light-weight ordeal

Weighing in at only 6 kilos, Lightbooth can be supported by most any wall type.

Coming online

Lightbooth self-connects to the internet using the supplied cable, and no further set-up is necessary.

How to install Lightbooth
  1. Attach the included mounting bracket on a wall at a height of 140 cm.
  2. Place the Lightbooth on the bracket and tigthen the included screws.
  3. Connect the cables for power and internet, and turn it on!

Get started with Lightbooth from only DKK 2.499 per month.

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